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Vision and mission

Welcome to ICFDS, International Confederation of Futebol de Salão. We develop and support two football coaching brands for children and teenagers: SOCATOTS and Brazilian Soccer Schools.

We intend to make a change in the international football, the good way.

We start in SOCATOTS, where we infuse the youngest children with the love for the beautiful game.Then we continue our mission by inviting kids to Brazilian Soccer Schools. There, the proper football training begins and helps the young football players achieve international success in the future.

How do we reach the goal?

Basing on a famous Brazilian training methodology of indoor soccer – Futebol de Salão, we introduce unrivalled football inspired childhood development programs and a champion football coaching methodology.

Simply - we will make the best footballers.

For whom?

We present our offer to those who would like to change the way football is thought of, trained and promoted. We feel we can all start anew and we would love to work with people who believe in the “joga bonito” philosophy.

Wouldn’t it be great to shape the future of your national football team?
If you would you like to be part of this vision, contact us!

How do we realize this vision

ICFDS proudly develops and supports two football coaching brands: SOCATOTS and Brazilian Soccer Schools.

The vision we have is clear, so ICFDS strives to become the world’s largest franchising organization of financially thriving and socially responsible partners.

Here, through innovative, football inspired childhood development programs and a champion football coaching methodology, the best footballers are made.

Our love of the beautiful game empowers even young children and paves the way to international success for them - future football champions.


SOCATOTS is a leading provider of football-related physical development activities for young children aged between six months and five years. It offers a unique approach designed around systematic training sessions involving parents' active participation. SOCATOTS presents a complete program full of popular, fun and engaging activities for children and their parents. You can find more about SOCATOTS here.

SOCATOTS' mission is to engage more and more children in physical activity, using football as a medium. We teach basic movement patterns, balance and motor coordination. Most important, we ensure that physical activity is fun. Everything we do is centred around helping children develop first as people, then as sports enthusiasts.

The benefits are as follows:

    Our program supports a child's overall physical development, as well as helping them develop intellectually. All classes are run under the guidance of experienced coaches.
    We encourage children to enjoy physical activity, showing them how to train safely and responsibly. We instill a feeling that exercise is beneficial and healthy.
    In SOCATOTS sessions children socialise with other children of their own age. They learn to share and cooperate, and to be creative in the way they perform their tasks. Both boys and girls participate in classes.
    SOCATOTS is unique - no other programme offers such fully rounded development from the age of six months to five years. All activities are carefully designed to be age appropriate, and are set up so that children can participate in physical activity all year round.
    Activities are fun and enjoyable, and structured to introduce children to the idea of participating in organised activity.
    Parents' involvement in the sessions increases the children's self-confidence and self-esteem, whilst strengthening the emotional bond between child and parent.
    We take account of each child's needs and progress, celebrating their successes and helping them overcome any areas they find more challenging.
    SOCATOTS develops sound ball skills in both feet. At the same time we teach the importance of fair play and abiding by the rules.

Brazilian Soccer Schools

Brazilian Soccer Schools are dedicated to older children and focus strictly on football. Their methodology is based on the famous Futebol de Salão, that have transformed many dedicated football beginners into world-class soccer champions. With systemized football skills training and with nearly 200 skills in the syllabus it is the most holistic football training systems in the world. More on Brazilian Soccer Schools can be found here.

"I used to train at Brazilian Soccer Schools two or three times a week. We used a small ball, which was supposed to improve technique and touch, and it was a good thing to do, especially being a defender, as the better you are on the ball the better it is for your game."
Micah Richards

The central aim of Brazilian Soccer Schools is to encourage children to spend longer working with the ball practicing and developing their skills.

4 key aspects of the methodology:

  • emphasis on individual skills
  • Futebol de Salão
  • increased time training
  • physical, mental & tactical training

The Brazilian Soccer Schools effectiveness has been proven by research led by FIFA, English Football Association, and universities in Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester.

The methodology, apart from supporting the effectiveness of the play, helps the players acquire new capabilities. It is estimated that during an average training session, the player has about 30 contacts with the ball per minute. This means over 3600 contacts during a two-hour training, therefore a Brazilian Soccer Schools player who trains three times a week will score 10 854 contacts per week. If they follow a recommended Brazilian Soccer Schools Skill Badge additional homework exercises, they will have 70 thousand ball contacts per month. For the best Brazilian Soccer Schools players, 48 weeks of such training during the year means over a million of ball contacts annually!

Let’s talk business

Join ICFDS network and thanks to running your own business under Socatots and Brazilian Soccer Schools licence, contribute to this vision!

Our comprehensive franchising system will help you in successful developing, growing and monitoring your business.

For your convenience we have gathered all relevant information in one brochure – COOPERATION MANUAL FOR NEW CLIENTS.

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Your benefits will include:

  • an integrated IT platform based on custom made CRM System
  • a complete set of marketing materials, both printed and digital
  • a vast knowledge based on years of experience
  • a personal contact with our most successful franchisees


Use the experience of ICFDS and all member countries.

Our team

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Our story

"I don't want to copy Brazil, that would be pointless, I wanted us to be better". Simon Clifford

SOCATOTS & Brazilian Soccer Schools have a long and illustrious history dating back to the formation of the latter way back in 1996. This predates current Global Head Coach Will Partington and majority owner Rupert Lowe's involvement and below we will explore this story further.

Founder and former owner Simon Clifford’s fact finding mission to Brazil with only a £6,000 loan after a chance meeting with Brazilian international Juninho and his father, resulted in what we think is a training system that gives committed and hardworking participants the best chance at succeeding as not only professional footballers but well-rounded individuals. The first Brazilian Soccer School was started in 1996, in Leeds, by Simon Clifford after with Brazilian star Juninho led to the discovery of the game of Futebol de Salão. Simon had become friends with the Brazilian during his first spell at Middlesborough FC and managed to persuade him to come down to the school that he taught at (Corpus Christ in Halton Moor, Leeds) to take part in a health week initiative that the school were running.

Juninho got involved with the football coaching that Simon was running for the school team, enjoyed it but at the end of the session he asked Simon, "When do the children play Futebol de Salão?" At this point Simon had no idea what the game was or its importance in the culture of Brazilian football. Juninho explained that children in Brazil were brought up first playing only with a small, heavy ball with no bounce (Futebol de Salão) before moving on to conventional football in their teenage years. Juninho was astounded that it was not also played in the UK and Simon was fascinated by the explanation of the game. Juninho arranged for some Futebol de Salão balls to be sent over for Simon to use.

The benefits to children's technique were very easy to see and prompted Simon's initial trip to Brazil to discover exactly what lay behind Brazil's historical dominance of world football.

The next chapter in the history of the organisation came in December 2012 when Rupert Lowe, ex Chairman of Southampton FC and FA board member took full control and ownership over from Simon Clifford.

Under the new ownership structure plans are in place to undergo the next stage of expansion and we are very grateful for the continued hard work and support of the current family of franchisees who are helping to transport such a wonderful development product to children across the world.

Our friends

Futebol de Salão has definitely acted as a springboard for international careers of Brazilian football stars training in Brazilian Soccer Schools, such as Rivelino, Zico, Careca and above all, Juninho. Brazilian football clubs that support the Brazilian Soccer Schools method are Flamengo, Vasco da Gama, Botafogo and São Paulo.

Michael Owen




Rupert Lowe

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